Civil War Next Shiloh, Tennessee  


The fine print of this somewhat understated Hornets' Nest plaque reads: "This regiment held this position from about 9 A.M. until 4:30 P.M., April 6, 1862, sucessfully resisting repeated assaults from the enemy's infantry and the heavy fire of his artillery. Then, being nearly surrounded, it was ordered to fall back, which it did in good order. Through a heavy cross fire from both flanks, to a point about one mile from this place where it formed in line and held its position until darkness closed the fighting for that day. On April 7th the regiment moved out early in reserve and was at different times under fire. About 2 P.M. it was ordered, by General Nelson, to charge across a field on the enemy in the woods beyond, which was done in most gallant manner, the enemy retiring. This ended the two days fighting for this regiment. Number engaged, 490. Its loss was, killed and wounded, 66; missing, 4; total, 72."