Nelson Next Betsey Nelson--Obituary  


Headstone of Betsey Nelson with the initials "B.D.N."


The Stillwater Messenger, October 10, 1885

"Our community was painfully startled on Thursday evening by the announcement of the sudden death of Mrs. Socrates Nelson. Though generally known to have been afflicted with a disease of the heart, which at times took a violent form, her demise was none the less unlooked for so suddenly. She had felt unusually well during the day, and she had visited a number of intimate friends. About seven o'clock in the evening, while sitting in her own home, in company with her young granddaughter, Miss Ella (Eleanor) Marsh, she was seized with violent pains in the region of the heart. Dr. W. H. Caine, the family physician, was hurriedly summoned; but when he arrived a few minutes later, she was found rapidly sinking and beyond the aid medical science. At eight o'clock she expired. The physician pronounced the disease paralysis of the heart.

Deceased was born September 6, 1813, in Conway, Franklin county, Mass., and in the schools of that place received a liberal education. Her maiden name was Betsy D. Bartlett. In August, 1838, she was married to George R. Bartlett, a resident of her native place. She removed with her husband to Knoxville, Knox county (Illinois), where he shortly afterward died. In the autumn of 1844 she became the wife of Socrates Nelson, and in the same year the two came to this city where they continued to reside until Mr. Nelson's death in 1867. Two children were the issue of her second marriage, one of whom died in infancy, the other, a daughter, becoming the wife of Fayette Marsh of this city.

Mrs. Nelson was a woman of rare qualities. The daily acts of her life were seasoned with the milk of human kindness, and her memory will remain endeared to every heart among her circle of friends and acquaintances. To the poor she distributed gifts with no sparing hand, and among them as well will her memory live. The funeral will take place Sunday afternoon at two o'clock from the residence, Rev. W.H. Harrington officiating."

Fifty Years in the Northwest, W.H.C. Folsom

She [Mrs. Socrates Nelson] died Oct. 8, 1885. She was the last of her family, husband and daughter having preceded her to the world of spirits. The large attendance of old settlers from Washington county and elsewhere at her funeral, and the beautiful floral tributes contributed by her friends, attested but partially the respect and veneration in which she was held.