Yukon Next Bonanza Creek Gold Fields  


Lowe's Fraction. The sign reads: "The waters of Bonanza, Eldoradoand Big Skookum Creeks washed their gold to the gravels of the pie-shaped fraction just above Carmack's Discovery Claim. Severed from a claim that proved too large after legal survey, it was reluctantly staked in 1897 by the survey's chairman, Dick Lowe, who promptly tried to sell it for $900. But because the claim was too small, just 26 metres (86 feet) at its widest point, no one was interested in buying it, and he finally resolved himself to labour. Lowe's Fraction hid $500,000 in gold: he had lucked into the single richest piece of ground in the Klondike. To celebrate his good fortune, Lowe went on a bender that lasted until his death in 1907. A pauper."