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The Yoho Hot Water Heater, only $17.50. The sign at the top reads : "To Advantage: The gentlemen for their morning bath or shave. The lawyer, the merchant and the scholar. The barber has his boiling water at all times, and his shop is cool and comfortable. The washer-woman. No more need of the sweat-box kitchen. Keep your water heater in the yard if need be; all you need is to keep the fire a-going and you have your boiling water all the time. To the steam laundry-man it is indespensable, as he is never without constantly running boiling water, and at the cost of less than two cents per day. To the mill, the factory, the work-shop--in fact all industries have need of the Yoho Hot Water Heater, and they can all have it for $17.50."